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Lloyd James is a skilled musician, composer, sound editor, foley artist, recordist, sound designer, mixer, mastering engineer and more...  Lloyd James has been involved in sound production for many years now.  Beginning as a guitarist in his mid teens (around 2003) Lloyd has progressed to become multi-skilled in the field of sound production.  With a solid body of solo musical work, Lloyd has composed in a plethora of different contextual musical styles and is always exploring new techniques and styles.  Lloyd has attained a Masters Degree in Sound Production from the University of Wales's (UWTSD) School of Digital Media in Swansea, graduating in 2015.  Lloyd also gained valuable experience at professional production and media companies whilst gaining his masters and since completing the course has moved into the field of professional sound production, taking on major projects for professional clients including feature film work.  Lloyd started Jumping Cat Audio in 2015 as his production company initially targeting post production and location sound work with a view to expanding into other areas of sound.


Lloyd has gained experience in the following:


- Use of different microphone techniques for live recording.

- Recording and editing foley/sfx for video and film.

- Engineering for bands recording in the ex BBC studios at UWTSD.

- Composing various different styles/contexts of music.

- Mixing.

- Modular/graphical programming environments (EG Pure Data, Reaktor).

- Sound design (composed a full sound design for an animation entitled "Blinkers" including all foley/sfx and musical soundtrack).

- Surround sound production/mixing/recording/ambisonics (5.1, Octophonic and more...).

- Academic and media related research.

- DAW's:  the main ones Lloyd is currently highly competent with are Pro Tools 11 and Reaper.  Although in the past others such as Cubase SX, AudioMulch and Logic have been used.

- Platform independent file formats such as OMF and AAF.

- CD/DVD Authoring.

- A vast range of software for sound production including synths, samplers, virtual instruments, effects and an array of plugins, the list goes on...


With a diverse and adaptable skillset, whatever your audio requirements, Lloyd and Jumping Cat Audio have got it covered.


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