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Sentient Shift - Electroacoustic Music for 5.1 Surround


As Part of Lloyd's MA major project which, investigated the development of Electroacoustic music for surround sound, the composition combined some techniques of previous composers (such as Stockhausen and Trevor Wishart) with Lloyd’s own ideas and creative/artistic vision, using modern techniques and computer software.  The innovative piece of electroacoustic music was entitled: ‘Sentient Shift’. The piece was received well when first played to the public and university peers at a UWTSD concert in the ALEX Building, Swansea on 11th Nov 2014.


Sentient Shift is a dystopian vision of the future whereby the abstract narrative depicts the development of technology overtaking and superseding humanity. The piece features imaginative, evolving and technical sounds and soundscapes such as, the sounds of swarming machines programmed with Miller Puckette's Pure Data and more....  The original piece was recorded and mastered for 5.1 surround advanced resolution DVD-Audio or, 5.1 DTS surround for DVD players incapable of playing DVD Audio.


Below is a link to a DVD disk image which contains the 5.1 surround sound mix of ‘Sentient Shift’ in the 5.1 DTS format as well as stereo down-mix versions. Burn or mount using your favourite disk image DVD burner/virtual drive and it should play in all regular DVD/media players. Nice.

Blinkers (Animation)


The full sound design to this short animation (including all SFX, foley, background ambience and musical score) was produced by Lloyd in 2014.

Contextual Studies Compositions and Blog


A weekly blog investigating different styles/contexts of music composition.  Each week contains a discussion on different composers and artists in a particular context and, a short composition focusing on that weeks technique and context.

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A selection of Lloyd's compositional work can be found here:


Monochrome (2017)


A psychological thriller directed by Thomas Lawes (Electric Flix).


As sound editor on the post-production team, Lloyd recorded and edited custom SFX and Foley along with surround ambience in both stereo and 5.1 formats.


Pages relating to this film can be found here:


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Pobol Port Talbot (2016)


A programme produced by Telesgop for S4C.


Lloyd contributed as location sound recordist for this.