Currently operating out of a small, well equipped studio base in South Wales, Jumping Cat audio is able to provide audio for your digital post production sound requirements and more....


At Jumping Cat we run a state of the art computer system, currently running Pro Tools 11 and Reaper.  With crystal clear reference monitoring from Prodipe and high end, multi in/out digital audio interface technology from Focusrite, we can record, mix and master high bitrate, high sample rate, top quality audio.


With a variety of virtual and real instruments and a vast array of plugins, Jumping Cat is able to provide versatile, and consistently high quality custom compositions and audio services to clients.


Some of the inventory at Jumping Cat includes:


-Pro Tools 11 and 10


-Reference monitoring by Prodipe

-Guitars by Fender and Ibanez

-Amplification by Marshall

-Virtual instruments, soft synths and effects by the likes of Native Instruments, Izotope, Waves and more...

-GRM Tools

-Graphical modular programming - Pure Data, Reaktor...

-A vast collection of plugins...

-Outboard effects/processing by Boss, Zoom...

-Microphones by AKG, Sennheiser, Roland...

-Protable multi-tracking by Tascam and Roland

-Ambisonic microphones for recording to any surround format


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